Dressings & Protectants

Discover the excellence of our curated line of automotive care products designed to rejuvenate and protect various surfaces:

Vinyl Plastic Restorer:
Revitalize your vehicle's appearance with our Vinyl Plastic Restorer, a protective coating that restores the original color and shine to a multitude of surfaces. From door handles to bumpers, running boards to bed liners, this fast-drying formula ensures a streak-free finish even after rain showers or car washes. One bottle treats over 15 cars, providing up to 3 months of UV protection with just one application.

Leather Conditioner:
Pamper your leather interiors with our easy-to-use Leather Conditioner. This conditioning lotion moisturizes and extends the life of leather, offering UV protection without leaving any residue behind. Keep your leather surfaces looking and feeling luxurious.

Gloss Tire Dressing:
Achieve a long-lasting shine with our Gloss Tire Dressing, a solvent and silicone-based formula designed specifically for tires, rubber moldings, and exterior trim. Its medium gloss finish, combined with a pleasant fruity fragrance, provides a weather-resistant and visually appealing result.

Medium Gloss Tire Dressing:
Elevate your tire care routine with our Medium Gloss Tire Dressing. This solvent and silicone-based dressing, with a delightful fruity fragrance, delivers a medium gloss finish for tires, rubber moldings, and exterior trim. Enjoy a lasting shine that withstands various weather conditions.

Silicone Free Tire Dressing:
Embrace silicone-free perfection with our Silicone Free Tire Dressing. This solvent-based formula restores color and luster to rubber, vinyl, and exterior trim, offering long-lasting shine and protection. Ideal for areas where silicones are prohibited, it guards against UV rays to prevent fading and cracking.

High Gloss Tire Dressing:
Make a bold statement with our High Gloss Tire Dressing. This solvent and silicone-based formula, featuring a pleasant fruity fragrance, delivers a high gloss finish for tires, rubber moldings, and exterior trim. Enjoy a weather-resistant and enduring shine.

No Sling Tire Dressing:
Experience sling-free brilliance with our No Sling Tire Dressing. This slingless solvent-based high gloss formula bonds to tires, rubber moldings, and exterior trim, providing a weather-resistant finish and a long-lasting, sling-resistant shine.

Water Based Dressing Concentrate:
Unleash the potential of our Water Based Dressing Concentrate, a concentrated water-based silicone dressing with a clean fragrance. This versatile solution restores life and color to interior and exterior vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces. Dilute for a natural gloss or use full strength for a high gloss application.

Bumper & Trim Dressing:
Renew the vibrancy of faded bumpers and exterior trim with our Bumper & Trim Dressing. This ready-to-use solvent-based plastic and vinyl renewer ensures excellent and enduring results, bringing back color and life that lasts for weeks.