Wheel & Tire Cleaners

We produce a diverse range of wheel cleaners catering to various needs, including acid-based, acid-free, and combination products designed for both wheels and tires.

NON-ACID FOAMING WHEEL & TIRE CLEANER: An easy-to-use, non-acid foaming cleaner that is safe for all factory, clear-coated, painted, and chrome wheels. BURST clings to vertical surfaces, making wheel cleaning quick and efficient. This non-caustic formula removes dirt, grease, road film, and brake dust from any wheel finish.

HEAVY DUTY WHEEL ACID: A concentrated acid-based cleaner for heavy-duty wheel cleaning, formulated to remove baked-on brake dust, oxidation, iron deposits, and tough road grime. Superbrite, our strongest acid-based cleaner, is safe for use on most aluminum, chrome, magnesium, and nonferrous metal wheels. Dilute for specific needs: 1:5 for heavy oxidation, rust, and salt corrosion, and 1:10 for brake dust and stubborn road grime.

ACID-FREE WHEEL AND TIRE CLEANER: An acid-free, concentrated wheel and whitewall cleaner that dissolves brake dust and road grime on contact. Safe for use on various wheel types, including factory-painted alloy, clear-coated, and chrome rims. Chocolate Thunder also serves as an excellent engine cleaner and degreaser. Dilute 1:4 for optimal results.

CONCENTRATED ACID-FREE WHEEL AND TIRE CLEANER: A super concentrated, acid-free cleaner designed to dissolve brake dust and road grime on contact. Safe and easy to use on most wheel types, it breaks down heavy contaminants with minimal need for scrubbing. Dilute to 1:6 for effective results.

IRON & DECON REMOVER: A fast-acting, color-changing formula that removes embedded contaminants, including brake dust, rail dust, iron deposits, and environmental fallout. The gel formula clings to surfaces for added dwell time. Eliminator is pH neutral, turns purple upon reacting with ferrous metals, and is safe on various surfaces like paint, glass, wheels, stainless steel, chrome, and clear-coated aluminum.

CONCENTRATED WHEEL BRIGHTENER: An acid-based wheel cleaner that restores shine to aluminum surfaces. Dilute 1 part Aluma Brite with 5 parts water to remove oxidation, rust, and salt corrosion from aluminum and nonferrous metals.

READY TO USE WHEEL BRIGHTENER: A convenient, ready-to-use acid-based wheel cleaner that quickly brightens and restores shine to most aluminum surfaces.